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Ever wished sometimes you had the money or the nerve to get Botox or a face lift?, or how about lip fillers? Well these thoughts have crossed my mind a time or two. Because  as we age, looking in the mirror can become harder and harder to do. Every year after my birthday I seemed to notice something new that wasn’t there before. So now I just want the days to stop going so fast and it reaching my birthday much quicker than before.

But what I do believe, is that everything we need God has already placed in the earth and essential oils are no different! So because I love all things natural, essential oils are a part of my everyday routine. There are so many benefits to mention, but for those who have very little to no knowledge about them; lets just cover the basics.

Some essential oils have amazing healing properties like; anti-aging, fighting acne, healing blemishes, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars and etc….

Have I got your attention yet? Well how about for example, Lavender oil keeps spiders away.  I knew you’d like that one!, I especially fancy that one. I like the fact that each oil  has more than one benefit in its uses. They can be used for many reasons and there so interchangeable. So, let’s start with carrier oils, these oils are essential; “no pun intended”! Carrier oils are used to dilute the essential oils and help “Carry” them into the skin.  Here are just a few examples;

-Coconut oil

-Jojoba oil

-Sweet almond oil

-Argan oil

-Avocado oil

oh, and my personal favorite “Grapeseed oil”, this little gem helps to tighten your skin naturally.

white petaled flower on clear glass beside clear glass with liquid on it
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So are you thinking about adding some essential oils to your everyday routine? If so here is another tip to help you decide! Did you know that, not only is vitamin E oil great  and works wonders for scars; but that it also prolongs the shelf life of your carrier oils when combined. So how’s that for making every penny count!

Okay so lets take a look at some essential oils and some of their benefits, for example;

-Tea Tree oil- heals wounds

-Lemon oil- Blemishes

-Lavender oil-  heals burns and cuts; and don’t forget “keeping spiders at bay”

-Rose oil- treats redness and dry skin

-Frankincense oil- Anti-aging and wrinkle fighter

Remember to never apply essential oils that are 100% pure directly onto your skin. As this can cause irritation and in some cases, burning. So after preparing your oils for use, I would suggest first conducting a test with a small amount on your skin. You’d want  to make sure it’s tolerable and will not cause any irritations. So, if you’re all clear; I say “oil up baby”!

But wait!, now that we’ve covered the skin; how about the lips? Doesn’t this need some attention as well? I’m so glad you mentioned it. As we age, so does our lips and our lipsticks start to look unappealing and wrinkly.

Not to worry, there is a natural way to achieve fuller and smoother lips. Just apply this as follows. you’ll need a carrier oil such as, coconut oil or olive oil and cinnamon; yes cinnamon is a natural lip plumper, because it irritates the lips mildly enough to redden and make it swell lightly. It increases the blood flow in this area, resulting in your lips looking fuller and plumper!

They say that we should grow old gracefully, I do agree with this statement! And, although Botox or getting a face lift isn’t for me, and I wouldn’t knock anyone for doing it.  I also would like to stay looking as young and as youthful as I can, for as long as I can. But I personally choose to maintain and achieve this the natural way. And so with everything else in life, being consistent is “Key”!.

I hope you enjoyed my post and feeling much more informed on essential oils!

Remember, knowledge is power when loving all things natural!!!




From black to white


black charcoals
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I just can’t get enough of the natural ways to enhance one’s beauty. So I came across this product, it’s a teeth whitening polish called “Charcoal Powder”. At first I was skeptical like most people trying out new things, especially when it’s a pure black powder. Anyway so I decided to give it a go, I mean how much worse can my coffee stained teeth become. I mean, could it stay black? Well at least it wouldn’t interfere with my dating scene since that’s deads-ville. But that’s another topic for another time. Getting back to the charcoal powder, it was absolutely amazing. I’ve tried tons of other products in the past, including those darn white strips. You know?, the ones that start to slip down your teeth. Almost like trying to get away from the stains, instead of penetrating them. But I’m so glad I’ve found a product that actually works. I bought mine at “Sprouts Farmers’s Market” and it’s called “My Magic Mud” it was a bit on the pricer side. But hey, if it works; it’s worth it!

The powder is very fine and can become very messy, so my suggestion is that you don’t use the tiny brush that it comes with. Buy a separate toothbrush that will only be used with the product. The instructions are very simple and I highly suggest brushing over the sink while the water is running. Again, it will become very messy. I have used this product for well over a month now. I must admit, it truly works making it a great natural beauty hack!

Remember, knowledge is power, when loving all things natural!!
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My Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!


My name is Jessie and I’ve decided to start my very first blog. I hope you’ll join me in exploring natural beauty secrets and hacks. I’m no beauty expert nor do I claim to be, just someone who enjoys sharing my experiences and beauty hacks. So I invite you to join me with any feed back of your own experiences.

Knowledge is Power, when loving all things natural!!!